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Recently I had a lunch with an engineer from a neighboring department and got a simple question from him: “What does your working day look like?” I do not think that everyone understands what I’m doing and what problems I solve. At that moment, I need to know what was going on around in my department and it was the required minimum. If I do not hear from employees, then I had no idea how the company worked at the moment. Whether it was positive or negative news, I needed to know it from all possible perspectives of view.

Therefore, I provided the open door policy (since I moved to a separate office) and read all my e-mails.

If someone had an idea, a complaint, or a problem, and wanted to speak about it or express an opinion they reached me. This is a philosophy that works very well throughout your career. I do not think that you can constantly win in business without having proper team members and not giving them the opportunity to play their role. Ideas can come from everywhere.

I always have open doors (it does not matter: what’s going on inside the room) any employee can go in at any time. All important tasks in 90% of cases can be interrupted for a few minutes just to talk with the employee. We all experienced moments when we came to the pharmacy to buy medicine and the pharmacist on the phone advises another client, and you stand like this “hey lady, I came to you in emergency”. And 99% of employees learned the fact that my door always stays open and only new ones come and try to close it.

I believed in my open door policy so much that I tried to move to the next level – a policy of compulsory encounters that would give even more insight, even more relationships, even more comfort and mutual understanding and respect in the organization.

And at the same time, there is nothing wrong with digital communication. The world is moving forward and it is ok to communicate information through any channel you feel comforted with. Therefore, I never have more than 5-10 unread or unrecorded letters, there are never more than 3 missed calls and so on, I have no bad day in the calendar to write on a letter – it’s a continuous process.

I think that communication and transparency lead to trust, and I think that trust leads to speed. All these speeches about leadership, motivation, all sorts of methods are good, but what really allows you to quickly move in the modern world is trust.


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