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Ivan Leshko is the Vice President at SoftServe IT Company in Ukraine. Every day he deals with different clients. He has more than 14 years of overall experience in IT, and 8 years in financial and retail industries (banking, e-commerce, price optimization, financial services, etc.). Ivan is analytical and clear thinker with highly commercial orientation and strong business focus, he excels in building trusting relationships with client and provide solutions based on specifics of different business projects. While he is managing these projects he uses principles of successful management based on  strategical planning and business-expansion experience. His main goal is to lead clients’ business to success though technological solutions.

At this moment, Ivan is also a public speaker and an author of a book dedicated to leadership “Common sense in Ukrainian”, which is based on many years of global working experience and hundreds of readings. This book was printed in 2017. The primary goal of this book is to grow-up a new generation of leaders.